Prophet Timothy Olatokun Nigerian born is the founder and CEO of Guiding Light International.

For over 25 years Prophet Olatokun has been helping people breakthrough depression, sickness, pains and discomforts associated with spiritual dis-alignment. He has traveled all over the world, China, Asia, West Indies, Jamaica, and Africa just to name a few. He has been featured as the lead speaker at many global healing conferences. An estimated 10,000 people have benefited from the teachings and healing of Prophet Olatokun. He is also the Shepherd in charge of the Celestial Church of Christ Calvary Parish in Brooklyn, NY

He was inspired to do the Lords work , when approached by woman who had severe sleeping dis-orders as a result of being haunted by evil visions. Prophet counseled her and prescribed his patented Divine Bath Salts to promote relaxation and increase her flow of positive energy

As a result of her miraculous improvement she began giving testimonies to friends and family about the works, counsel, products and the healing powers of Prophet Olatokun.