Spiritual Guidance


Everyone of us has a path and a destiny – a reason for being here. Sometimes events, occurrences or just curiosity gets the best of us and we want to know if we are on our path or why things happen the way they do. We may have questions for the present or regarding the past.

Guiding Light Healing Services is here to help you to seek guidance about your issues, situations or problems that presently surrounds you. You may fear the future or the past but it is the present that you now have the opportunity to gain a greater understanding and see a new path to take you into a brighter future. We do not claim to be able to hand the solution on a silver platter because it is through experience and living life that we are able to see and learn the truth. The guidance given is designed to open up your mind to gain a greater understanding about your present situation that is presently causing discomfort and how your faith in God in his Divine essence can help deliver you from this discomfort